Chopra Consulting for Consultants
Chopra Consulting for Consultants
You Can Be a Successful Independent Consultant
I can help you create or expand your consulting business.
I provide consulting on an as-needed basis so you can focus your efforts, flesh out your vision and take concrete steps to launch or expand your independent consulting business or private practice.
I work with all types of consultants and consultants-to-be. Whether you are seeking to provide services to individuals or targeting the non-profit, foundation, government or corporate sectors, I can help you define and market your services. I also work with coaches, counselors and therapists in private practice to address business issues unique to the world of private practice.
Getting Started
  • Determine the services you want to offer
  • Set up the business so that it works for your unique personality
  • Set fees and prices
Finding and Keeping Clients
  • Market your consulting business or private practice
  • Create website content that attracts clients
  • Develop effective qualifying/intake procedures so that new clients stay
Renovating an existing business
  • Handle challenging clients
  • Resolve recurring problems affecting your business
  • Set boundaries on the business so that you can have a life
Karen Chopra Consulting for Consultants
“One conversation with Karen sent me on a path I had never considered or even knew was possible in my industry.”
Trinity S. Perkins, M.S.ED
“I’ve never been happier or felt more authentic in my work – and that is largely thanks to the decisions you helped me make, the priorities you helped me set, and the giant leap you helped give me the confidence to take.”